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Meet The Team

Whales in Paradise is a family owned business, and our extended family are our staff.  Over the past few years our team has tripled in size due to our year-round tours / charters, and our fleet now doing up to 5 whale watching trips per day, during the whale watching season.

Our experienced crew comes from all over the world, such as Japan, New Zealand and Vanuatu. They also come from a variety of backgrounds including dive masters, marine biologists, lifeguards, skippers, super yacht crew and stewardess, DJs, wildlife conservation, tour leaders, school teachers and travel agents.

Whales in Paradise is a young and dynamic company yet very professional with excellent standards.  Our staff deliver a great tour day in and day out.

Our crew love to travel to far out places, in Australia, Indonesia, America, Europe, Pacific Islands and Africa, so they are well adept in meeting travelers from different nationalities, and making your whale watching experience fun, memorable and unique.

At Whales in Paradise we pride ourselves in developing staff, to reach their dreams and goals.  Many of the crew have progressed to skipper of our state of art vessels, and the calm waters of the Gold Coast provide the perfect safe learning experience.  The staff love their job in nature, working for a renowned company that values their staff.  The job never gets boring as they are constantly meeting new guests and learning about the inquisitive whales and their friendly behaviour.  Our team are experts in finding Whales as many of the staff have worked with us from the very beginning 10 years ago.

Whales In Paradise Crew

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