Daily Sightings Report

What an amazing morning we had!

Everyone sat in suspense as our Skipper Gary announced over the microphone "Whales ahead at 2 o' clock!' (imagine the boat is a large clock, with the front being 12 o' clock)

As everyone sat in silence and had their eyes clued to the spot where the whale last broke the surface, (after only a few minutes) the whale breached and all of a sudden a large roar of excitement filled the air!

The passengers cheered and before everyone calmed down the whale breached again! Two full breaches in a row, the photos in which the passengers took were incredible! Be sure to check out our Facebook page to check out the photos!

Not only did we get the privilege of seeing a whale breach TWICE;

We had three whales swim next to the boat (where lots of close ups were taken) flicking their tail around as if they were waving.

Oh.. We were also stalked by a dolphin! The dolphin followed the boat for at least ten minutes, swimming in and out of the wake and showing off!

We had a fantastic morning we had, with adventurous conditions and excited passengers and wild life that really liked the attention! What are you waiting for?!