Humpbacks and Highrises Weekly Update – First calf of the season

Over the past few weeks we have had a period of pretty miserable weather and sea conditions which seemed to drag out forever! But finally, the tide turned and we were blessed with our typical warm, sunny Gold Coast winter days out on the water again.. And lucky for us the whales were ready to play!

A lot has happened in the whale world on the Gold Coast since our last update, and with some not so pleasant days, it was hard to get the researchers out on the water, however

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David Williams Wildlife Photographer – Interview

David Williams is a very talented wildlife photographer who frequently joins our whale watching tours. It’s always a pleasure to have David on board and see the magnificent photos he captures, especially when you’re working with a very dynamic environment and with a very large but sometimes elusive animal. So I thought it would be a great to ask David himself a few questions about his photography and share them with you.


David lives and works in Brisbane as a Motor Underwriting Manager during the workweek, but during his time off

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The best day trip from Brisbane..

One of the best things about south-east Queensland is it’s abundance of things to do, and places to see!

Tourism Australia recently released its stats on what motivates international tourists to travel to the country, with ‘Nature and Wildlife’ ranking among the top, and ‘Aquatic and Coastal’ experiences having the highest level of appeal.

Whale watching ticks the box for international tourists who are keen to experience the aquatic and coastal environments. Photo credit: Aaron Miller

But it’s not only the international tourists, but us Aussies too that are continually inspired

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Humpbacks and Highrises weekly whale update – week 1

On the 27th of May 2017 we surveyed our very first pod of the season with Whales in Paradise. It was a close encounter of 4 whales heading north. Likely a group of young adults. We also had a few dolphins, likely bottlenose!

On our next survey we were lucky enough to have a long encounter allowing us to count 126 blows. The individual whale had some interesting markings on its back and tail slashed a few times. Likely to be a bull whale making its way up north. Once again the

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A photo diary of the best whale photos of 2016 at Whales in Paradise

We thought you might enjoy a little something that’s easy on the eyes.. So we’ve put together a collection of images and videos from the 2016 whale watching season at Whales in Paradise.

Feast your eyes on these beauties…. Enjoy! 🐋

This evening we were cruising with these 2 whales for over an hour, they got curious and cruised right under neath us. I spotted them on the sounder(fish finder). Sure enough they surfaced right in front of us, so good! #whalesinparadise #gopro #blessed #thankful

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How to get the perfect WHELFIE!!

Greg got lucky with a whelfie threesome on board Whales in Paradise! 

With the whale watching season kicking off tomorrow, Saturday 27th of May 2017, we thought we’d give you some hot tips on how to capture the perfect Whelfie…

What’s a Whelfie you ask? Well… a whelfie is a selfie with a whale!

The term whelfie came about when our crew member, Trent, first took a selfie with a whale and posted on Facebook, where the comment ‘whelfie’ quickly popped up.

From there, the craze took off amongst the crew, and soon they

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The countdown is on…

The countdown is on!!!

With only one month to go until the Whale Watching season on the Gold Coast officially kicks off, us here at Whales in Paradise are ramping up for one of the best whale watching seasons yet!

Only a few days ago, the guys from Dolphin Watch Cruises down in Jervis Bay, NSW, spotted the first of the Humpback whales migrating up the east coast of Australia (see photo below). This is exciting news as it marks the start of the whale watching season in Australia, and

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Earth Day with Whales in Paradise this Saturday 22nd of April, 2017

Earth Day is just around the corner! Whales in Paradise will be celebrating this excellent cause, this Saturday the 22nd of April 2017. Take action with us today and help our beautiful Australia.

Many people are unaware how their daily routines are impacting the environment. Neither do they know how easy it can be to reduce this impact eg. reducing fossil fuel emissions, polluted runoff, litter and more.

It’s time to get educated folks! Spread the word to your friends and family! Volunteer for campaigns and organisations just like Earth Day.

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Whale watching gold coast



Meet the team

Whales in Paradise is a family owned business, and our extended family are our staff.  Over the past few years our team has tripled in size due to our year-round tours / charters, and our fleet now doing up to 5 whale watching trips per day, during the whale watching season.

Whales in Paradise end of season dinner.

Our experienced crew comes from all over the world, such as Japan, New Zealand and Vanuatu. They also come from a variety of backgrounds including dive masters, marine biologists, lifeguards, skippers, super

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Spyhopping Whale Watching



Final days of Whale Watching

Our whale watching season on the Gold Coast finishes next Sunday the 6th of November.  Come join Whales in Paradise for the final days of seeing mothers and their calves, in their natural habitat off Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Broadbeach.

Everyday this season Whales in Paradise have been blessed to see these majestic animals and their acrobatic displays.  Each year when we see the mother’s return from Far North East Australia, it warms our heart as we watch them teach their newly born babies the ways of the underwater

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