“You Got Me Looking at You and Now You’re Looking at Me”

Hello again- We've just had a FABULOUS whale update! Word from the skipper is that there were LOADS of whales out there this morning. 

We found 3-4 pods out in those glorious, sunshiny conditions today! 

And yes, we were right- after having no visitors for a few days, those whales were super keen to show us their tricks- lots of breaching and they even MUGGED us! No, that doesn't mean they leapt aboard to steal our passenger's wallets and precious jewels before disappearing back into the depths. “Mugging” is a term used when a whale reacts to the presence of a boat by becoming inquisitive and popping its head out of the water to check us out. Fair enough! We want to check them out too!

Would LOVE to know what those whales are thinking about us... Made us think of that song by Toni Braxton "You got me looking at you and now you're looking at me..."!

Can't wait until this afternoon's cruise! Enjoy the sun and see you then.