YEY…The Winds Died Down

After the disappointment of having to cancel yesterday afternoon's cruise we were pleased to discover overnight the winds died down and it was business as usual today.

It was a gorgeous morning. Sunny and warm, there was still some winds about so the sea was a little choppy however it didn't put a damper on the cruise at all.

The first Whales we came across were a mother and her energetic calf. The mother was happily cruising along while her calf entertained with with his energy. He was definiately showing off for us, breaching, slapping his tail and waving at us. It was very entertaining !

After some time we had a pod of approx 8 dolphins come to our boat. These guys were in a great mood and seemed to love our company...we couldn't get rid of them! They were happily swimming around the boat jumping out of the water and riding our wake and bow. They were definiately enjoying their day!

We then came across another couple of Whales. These guys were pretty laid back, they came up to us for a close look, swam around our boat for a while then decided to move on.

We were glad the winds didn't pick up again this afternoon, even though they were predicted to increase, we were able to go out this afternoon. 

We have a busy weekend ahead at Whales in Paradise with absolutely amazing weather predicted for the weekend and no wind about, we are looking forward to a great weekend!