Will we see Migaloo on the Gold Coast in 2016

Will we see Migaloo on the Gold Coast in 2016

Migaloo - Whales in Paradise - Seapix Photographics

As the 2016 Whale Watching season approaches the middle of July, plenty of people are wondering, will we see Migaloo on the Gold Coast in 2016 . The hype escalates this time of the year, with the possibility of seeing the famous white whale somewhere along the east Australian coastline. This photo of Migaloo is just as rare as his sightings!

Migaloo is commonly known to travel along the east coast of Australia somewhere towards the end of July - early August, and has not been sighted every year. The Gold Coast seems to be one of the most common places to sight this amazing mammal, who glows under the water because of the hyper pigmentation of his skin. (Many forms of hyperpigmentation are caused by an excess production of melanin.) Migaloo was last sighted passing Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast on the 10th August 2015. Whales in Paradise, were quick to get out to see Migaloo as he passed by, and spent the majority of their whale watching cruise travelling parallel with the famous humpback whale. Migaloo makes for some very interesting Whale Watching due to his white skin colouring. The aqua glow he creates under the water, can be seen very clearly, making him very easy to spot out on the ocean. This is a concern in some of the countries that are still hunting Humpback Whales, he would be worth a lot of money in certain markets.

The question remains, will we see Migaloo on the Gold Coast in 2016? Experts are blaming the lack of white whale sightings due to warmer waters, meaning whales will travel further out in deeper waters away from the coastline. Whales in Paradise are lucky to see whales on a daily basis close to the Gold Coast, and appear unaffected by expert opinions blaming the elements.

Southern Cross University whale researcher Dr Wally Franklin said not to worry, as the popular pale giant will probably turn up sooner or later.“We haven’t had a sighting of him yet, but on the basis of last year, there’s a very high probability we’ll see him,” he said. There have been a number of white whales spotted over the past 5 years, some believed to be relatives of the original white whale and others confused with Migaloo himself. There is not enough documentation evidence to deny or confirm these beliefs.

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