Why Do We Call Them Humpback Whales?

blog humpbackWhy do we call them Humpback Whales?

Well, that answer is obvious when you watch the humpback whale swim through the water.  Especially when they push their head out of the water and dive back in, that's when you can clearly see their small hump in the middle of their backs.  That is why we call them "Humpbacks".

Humpback whales are the most sighted whale here in the waters on the coastline of the Gold Coast and are also known to be quite playful and active in the water.  This is also why they are the most exciting whale to watch, compared with the other breeds of whale.

Breaching is also the most common action of the humpbacks which is when they push themselves out of the water, sometimes up to two thirds or more of their body will come out of the water, then splashing back down on their backs.

Don't take my word for it though, come out with us and see these beautiful creatures in action.

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