When’s The Best Time To See Whales?

whales blog1This is the most common question we get asked from curious guests wanting to come out whale watching with us:

"When's the best time to see whales?"

With the humpback whales being wild animals, it's hard for us to predict this as we see something different on every cruise.  But the whales do keep swimming through the ocean on their whale migration no matter what time of day it is.  They actually don't sleep like us humans do, as they need to be conscious to come to the surface to take a breath for air.  They do however, still need to sleep, so when they sleep they only shut down half of their brain which means one side of their brain is in a semi-conscious state so they can still be aware of dangers.

When they sleep in this semi-conscious state, they will most commonly float at the surface of the water which is known as "logging".  This is because they will resemble a log floating on top of the water, drifting in any direction.  So even if the whales are sleeping, we will still be able to see them.

We are also still running three cruises a day for the convenience of our guests so it's up to you which time would best suit your schedule.  These departure times again are:

  • - 7:30am
  • - 11:00am
  • - 2:30pm


Because we are also still seeing so many whales around, we have decided to extend our whale watching cruises through till the 10th of November now.  So whether you are a first time whale watcher, or would like to come out again with us, we look forward to seeing you to share another awesome whale watching experience.