When the whales go “People-Watching”

Here at Whales in Paradise, we like to think the whales actually really LOVE us!! Haha, as crazy as it sounds, we have most incredible experiences with these giants day after day... so I'm concluding that yes - the whales really DO love us!

So what leads me to this conclusion?

Well, Humpback Whales are incredibly intelligent - and social! Therefore with our passengers being at water-level and all with rail-side positions, perhaps they just love that they can get up-close-and-personal with humans. Our vessel certainly provides the whales with the best view of a human!!

On each cruise, we ask our passengers to wave to the whales  - quite often the humpbacks will respond with a wave also - incredible huh!?

Or perhaps they just love our vessel - the Mahi Mahi (which by the way is Hawaiian for Dolphin Fish) - with its three viewing decks, quieter engines and smaller size - a bit less intimidating for them when they want to come up and take a look around.

Incredibly, we are finding that these humpbacks are ALWAYS approaching our vessel - usually playing around a bit as they 'mug' the boat.

FYI - 'mugging' describes how a whale will closely circle the boat over and over, performing for our passengers and basically taking a really close look at us all - it's amazing!!

But then again, perhaps it's not the vessel at all - perhaps the whales love us so much because we have such a good-looking crew! Lol! No, just kidding - I'm sure they have totally honourable reasons for stalking us out there!  😉

For your chance to experience a truly up-close-and-personal experience with a humpback whale - we now offer three cruises daily - phone us to book one in!