What about the Sunset Cruise ?

With all the updates relating mainly to our morning cruises I hear you all asking "What about the Sunset Cruise?"
Rest assured we have had some amazing sunset cruises this season.

Whales (and other sea life) do not differentiate between the morning and afternoon cruises as we do, this holds no bearing what so ever in regards to if they are more active in the morning or afternoon, how many or what sea life is around. Cruise choice is entirely up to you as the passenger and what time of the day suits you/your itinerary. The reason the sunset cruise activities haven't been posted is that by the time the crew come in the office after the sunset cruise we are just leaving or have already gone for the day.

I can report the yesterday afternoon's cruise was a great success...maybe not as good as the morning, it would be hard to beat THE BEST CRUISE of the season! We had 4 pods of whales with 4 in each pod, most of the time they were just cruising along enjoying the calm waters and sunshine but the did offer a few pectoral waves and slaps and a breach or two. There was also a pod of dolphins, they weren't as energetic as the one's we seen in the morning but they were happily riding our bow and wake and dolphin diving along the waters surface. There was also numerous flying fish about.

So remember its makes no difference, morning or afternoon cruise...JUST BOOK ONE!

We hope to see you on one of our cruises soon! 🙂