What a day! The whales and sun came out to play!

It was a fantastic day on the boat, we saw beautiful breaching & tail slapping from the humpback whales as they were making a big splash! In the morning it was tricky to see the whales underneath the water because of the rain we have had the previous few days, so as the whales came up to tail slap and breach it would surprise us all on board and put big smiles on our faces because we weren't expecting the enormous splash! As always, the whales put on a gasping show and they seem to never disappoint, as we saw an extremely large humpback whale on this mornings tour, it was nearly as big as our boat, it looked about 14 metre's as the humpback whale lifted it's tale out of the water for a good amount of time so we got to have a good look at it!

The dolphins also came out to play, as we saw a family of dolphins swim next to the boat, jumping and gliding through the water! It's always feels like a very special marine experience when we have dolphins and whales swim together for us to see. Though from our experiences, it looks like the dolphins enjoy swimming with the whales but the whales dont seem to like the dolphins around and they try splash them away.. It looks similar to what parents do to brush of their children! haha! Its such an amazing site to see, we hope the whales can keep putting up with the fast and sleek dolphins!