Whales Singing in the Rain!


Those Humpback Whales just seem to love teasing us! It was a bit of a 'slow burn,' this morning, as our Skipper, Gary, put it.  The gentle giants were keen on building up anticipation, leaving passengers to soak up the tranquility of being out on the ocean, enjoying the stunning backdrop of a stormy Surfers Paradise sky.  

Our beloved Humpbacks, once again, made a dramatic entrance surfacing from the depths with great aplomb. They continued to dazzle passengers with their skilful aqua acrobatics, and the show-pony of the pod even breached right next to the boat! What's more, the friendly fellows even seemed to be having a chat with us- snorting and making as lot of noise as they breathed out.  If you ever want a giggle- ask our Skipper, Gary, to imitate this sound for you! We guarantee a laugh!

Humpback Whales make all sorts of sounds- for all sorts of reasons.  Sound is an extremely important form of communication for marine mammals, given that the other senses are more limited in the water.  Humpbacks whales are most famous for their beautiful whale song, however they also make a variety of other 'social' sounds such as snorts, barks, grunts, groans and even thwops! These sounds are to communicate with others in the pod- or sometimes to try and woo a lady-whale friend! Male Humpbacks will often sing complex compositions, which may be up to twenty minutes in length- and are often repeated over and over for many hours in one song session! You'd have to hope it was a song she liked... 

If you want to hear some of these amazing sounds- click here!  We can't wait to hear how this afternoon's Sunset Cruise is going.  See you out there soon! 


Photo Credit: Canberra Times.