Whales In Paradise Testimonal

GalenBonnerPic4Blog2We received a Whales In Paradise Testimonial that had some awesome action photos of some humpback whales that we wanted to share with our fans.  Thank you to the guest by the name of Galen Bonner who was blessed to have an awesome cruise out with us a few months ago and also had these photos he took, that he wanted to share.

This is what Galen had to say:  "Thank you for a great trip out on Saturday afternoon, here are a few of my favourite photo's".

We have been amazed this year at the high number of whales passing through our "Humpback Highway" near Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast compared to last year.  They keep increasing in numbers every year now which makes the whale watching cruises so exciting, while also unpredictable as you never know what these wild creatures will do each time we go out to see them.  So even though we finish our whale watching season this Sunday the 10th of November, we can't wait until next year when we start again around the 1st of June 2014.

If you would still like something to do during that time, we are starting our Reef Ryder Island Cruise Gold Coast on the 1st of December through till the 30th of April 2014.