Whales in Paradise join the growing Cloud trend.

Take a look at a recent article published by the Courier Mail outlining how Whales in Paradise have successfully implemented Cloud Technology into their small business operations.
Essentially Cloud is a growing advancement in technology that allows you to access programs on multiple computers at the same time. It utilises the Internet to ensure the office is only a click of the mouse away at any given time. It automatically updates data to ensure synchronicity across the board, this means any changes made are instantly reflected in the Gold Coast based Whales in Paradise office
This is great news for Whales in Paradise; Director, Anthony Ardern after the 2014 Whale Watching season took off with a splash on the 1st of June. This season is set to be the most exciting so far with population numbers expected to reach over 20,000. Now that Whales in Paradise have successfully incorporated Cloud Software into their everyday business operations Anthony will be spending  a lot more time on the water viewing these majestic creatures and a lot less time stuck in  the office.