Whales Mugging The Boat

Adam Westerberg pic 21-8-13What an amazing experience our guests have been having this month with the whales being extremely curious on nearly every cruise and coming very close to our boat.  This first photo was taken by some guests on board our morning cruise as they couldn't believe how close the whales actually come to the boat.   There have been pods of whales that surround our boat and when they swim underneath, they roll over onto their belly so you can see the white underneath as they pass under our vessel.

These close encounters have been happening on nearly every cruise this month.  Then I found out from the skipper, that the month of August is known as the "whales mugging the boat" month.  When the whales "mug" the boat, it means that they swim around the boat and it becomes of a case of them watching us as they are very curious of who we are.  This is also when the skipper sometimes turns the engine off while the whales swim around the boat.

Spy HoppingThey even decided to do some spy hopping and poked their heads out of the water high enough so their eye could see everyone on board the boat as the picture shows from a couple of days ago taken by the crew on board the boat.

So if you're able to come out with us this month, we highly recommended it as now is the best time for the best chances of close encounters.