Whales Came In Close

FRC-0025-20Both our whale watching tours today had lots of excitement.  There were 2 whales this morning who came in close to our boat.  One was a male and the other was a female, and the male was flirting and showing off to impress the female.  He was breaching quite a few times and was also curious by our boat, so decided to come in for a closer look.  He went past us and then came in closer again to see what the boat was.  Was such an amazing experience for our guests to see these creatures so close.

The afternoon tour had just as much excitement.  There was a group of whales who were playing and being quite active with numerous breaches, one being only 50m from the boat.  We also saw another 3 whales breaching in the distance.  One whale did a full roll as well, only about 100m from the boat and you could see his whole belly.  Having a great camera will also help when they start breaching and you want a good photo.  There's beautiful weather forecast this week as well and we are booking up quickly, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.