“Whales Absolutely Everywhere!”

     "Whales Absolutely Everywhere!" - That's a direct quote from our ecstatic skipper, Gary.  And indeed they were everywhere; to the left of the boat, to the right, in front, behind and even swimming underneath us.

     We viewed 3 DOUBLE BREACHES that means 3 gorgeous giant humpback wahesl doing a synchronised leap out of the ocean- absolutely stunning.  

     What is all this breaching about, you ask? Well, "teenage" whales likely breach as a form of play or to develop their muscles. Breaching, as you can imagine, takes an enormous amount of energy- so it also display's the whale's strength to other members of the group (like a teenager flexing his muscles on the beach, perhaps!).  

      Yes, it has been an incredible morning.  The whales certainly proved that a little bit of drizzle doesn't bother them at all.  See you out there soon for more magical whales acrobatics!