Gold Coast Whale Watching Season 2018

Gold Coast Whale Watching Season 2018

Gold Coast Whale Watching Season 2016

The crew at Whales in Paradise are starting to get a little bit excited, about the approaching Gold Coast Whale Watching Season 2018. The 2018 Gold Coast Whale Watching Season, will bring over 20,000 Humpback Whales past the stunning beachfront of Surfers Paradise and along the stretch of Gold Coast beaches, from late May to early November, as the Whales migrate from Antartica into the warm waters of North Queensland. Whale Watching cruises are offered from Saturday the 26th of May to Sunday the 5th of November on the Gold Coast when Whales travel in large numbers and sightings can be guaranteed.

Humpback Whales migrate every year on an extensive 10, 000 km return journey, travelling along the east and west coasts of Australia, returning to their place of birth. Whales generally travel the same route they were shown in the first year or two by their mother.

Groups of young males, commonly known as juveniles, typically lead the migration, scouting out the waters ahead, while pregnant cows and cow-calf pairs bring up the rear. Adult breeding animals form the bulk of the migration in the middle stages, followed by older whales.

We are often asked, "when is the perfect time to see Humpback Whales". Mother Nature is very good to us, we consider every day to be the perfect time to see these majestic creatures. Each day can be very different, but always very rewarding!


If you're keen to see a wee little calf (and by wee, we mean 4-5 meters!) we always suggest booking a tour in the second half of the season when the mothers have given birth in the warm, safe waters of the Great Barrier Reef, and are now heading back to the cold waters of Antarctica with their babies! It has been suggested that the Gold Coast is a resting place for Humpback Whales and their calves. Due to the protection of the Gold Coast Bay from harsh sea conditions and also lurking predators (such as Orca's and Great White Sharks), we see many whales coming in close to the white sandy beaches of the Gold Coast, and hanging around for longer than normal. Due to this, we are lucky enough to see many Humpback's and their calves, which are always super playful and inquisitive. You will find that most come over to the boat for a closer inspection while mum keeps a close watch.

With the growth of the Whale Watching Industry on the Gold Coast, Whales in Paradise have introduced a new purpose built Whale Watching Vessel 'Kaiala' into the fleet and will be offering Whale Watching up to 5 times a day for the 2018 Whale Watching season. The vessels spacious design and ultimate Whale viewing areas are second to none and will be enjoyed by thousands of passengers this coming season.

It is always advisable to prebook Whale Watching, if your planning a trip to the Gold Coast between June-November, as this is a very popular activity throughout the cooler months. We also recommend booking your Whale Watching Cruise early in your stay incase of bad weather. Whale Watching is weather dependent, the whales don't mind a little rain and swell, but due to the comfort of passengers, occasionally we will assess ocean conditions and advise to reschedule for another day.

For all Whale Watching Tour information, Tour times and Prices, please visit our website:  or give us a call 0755382111.