Whale Watching In The Rain

whale watching in the rain

Whale Watching in the Rain

Some people may be discouraged by the rain when they are booked or looking at booking on for a whale watching experience with us, but it can turn out to still be an amazing tour.  The whales live and play in water so they don't care whether it's raining or not.  Our vessel the Mahi Mahi has full cover except for a small section at the bow of the boat, so we are prepared for the rain.  When we do know it's going to be raining, we also keep our passenger numbers down so there is more room on the boat as well.

Even though it was raining for our afternoon/sunset whale watching tour today, the guests still experienced quite a show from the whales.  The whales approached our boat to as close as 30 metres away, as they quite often do when they are curious about something in the water they don't often see.  The restrictions for a vessel going close to a whale may only be 100 metres, but very regularly we get the whales come closer because of their curiosity.

When it Rains

When it rains and the sea conditions become moderate, the whales have also been know to be more playful in the water.  So today, we had 2 pods of whales where we saw breaches from both pods, as well as head and tail slapping.  So sometimes the best whale watching experiences can also come from grey skies when we go out whale watching in the rain.