Whale Watching at Sunset

sunset blogWhat a glorious day it was today with great temperatures, calm water conditions and the sun out shining all day.  We call our afternoon whale watching cruise, the "sunset whale watching cruise".  This is because as we come back from the open waters after searching for whales and watching them being playful with each other, we also get to witness the gorgeous sunset over the water and mountains.

At the beginning of our cruise while we were heading out of the seaway into the open ocean, we saw dolphins enjoying themselves by diving in and out of the water right at the front of our boat.  It's also such an excitement when we do see these dolphins on our cruises, and even though we see them often, they are always such beautiful, playful creatures to watch as well.

Once again we were blessed by the presence of two large humpback whales who were being curious enough to come up close to our boat.  Then they decided

sunset blog2

to be more playful with each other and both did a large breach right in front of us, which was also quite close to our boat.  That's where you need to be very quick with your cameras as it can be quite unpredictable when they breach out of the water.