‘Whale Soup’

Our Whale Watching cruises yesterday were pretty spectacular - BUT! - the 11am trip really was something special!

Our crew have a term to describe conditions like these - WHALE SOUP!

There were whales behind us, in front, either side - and at one point - underneath! YUP, Whale Soup!

As we sat on a gentle swell,  in this beautiful warm weather, these incredible giants came out to play - and they were all around us - it was heaven!!

A game of cat-and-mouse quickly began . The crew would be watching starboard for another breach - when a passenger would holler "Whale up the front!".

It was amazing just how active these whales were... breaching and tail slapping, putting on an incredible show!

Calm conditions stayed with us during the morning and into the afternoon cruise... as we relaxed with engines off while two adolescents circled the boat - a behaviour known as 'mugging'.

This very curious humpback was certainly intrigued by us. He continued to entertain our passengers with breaches and tail slaps for over half an hour before departing with an almighty dive!

What a close encounter with a magnificent creature - This young humpback - possibly last year's offspring - was a total show-pony! And our passengers loved every minute of it!