Whale Song- Why We Love It!

Whales in Paradise are extremely happy to be back out on the water this afternoon!

Those cheeky swells came up yesterday and this morning so we have been cooped up inside, counting down the minutes to getting back out on the water and visiting our gentle giant friends. It's given us a chance to contemplate, once again, just how mystical and AMAZING Humpbacks truly are. What are those Humpbacks up to while we aren't around? No doubt they are cruising about, practising INCREDIBLE breaches, cheeky spyhops and dramatic tail slaps. They may even be singing, way, way, way down in the depths somewhere...

Whale Song adds to the mystery of our favourite sea creatures- especially as it can hardly be heard by the human ear without the aid of a hydrophone. This is unsurprising as Whales go to a depth of between 13 & 40 metres when they sing! The talented vocalists even have a special singing positions; remaining motionless with their head downward, or are sometimes seen traveling, either alone, or with another male and a small percentage are observed traveling with a female and her calf.

Scientists believe it is only the males that sing and, while it has also believed that singing is part of the mating ritual, new research revelas it may also be to help the whales explore the seas around them. Live Science recently discovered that when a male humpback moves someplace new, he changes his song to match those coming from other nearby whales. Nothing like learning a bit of local lingo to make friends with the locals! This also works to his advantage when trying to find a new mate.

One lucky researcher, Kent Noonan, has another theory. Noonan believes he witnessed a Whale singing a lullaby to a mother and calf: "The whale was slowly swimming in a large circle under a mother and baby. He went in a circle perhaps 100 yards across at a rate of about 15 minutes to go around it, about 50 to 100 feet down. This is the recording I call "Kalama Lullaby" because it seemed he was making a cradle of sound for the mother and baby to feel protected in, while they snuggled on the surface in the sun." How beautiful is that!

So if you are keen to finally lay your eyes on the creatures that create those soulful melodies, then Whales in Paradise is your answer! Call our friendly office now on (07) 5538 2111 to book your opportunity to see the gentle giants of the ocean!