Whale Play Ball…with a jellyfish!!

WOW...what an interesting week we've had here at Whales in Paradise!!

Monday Afternoon's cruise certainly "took the cake" for interesting...We had one very happy Humpback Whale playing ball with a jellyfish!  This really is a very rare and unsusal sight to see, no member of our crew has ever seen anything like this before. They were so excited they phoned the office to saying "you would not believe what we have just seen!" 

They said the Jellyfish was approx the size of a basketball and it was lifting it up so it was on top of its head, like what dolphins do with balls. I wish I was on the cruise to see it! Don't worry though our crew said they got some video footage which we hope to get uploaded soon...so standby for this amazing sight...

Tuesday afternoon was action packed...A "Fin Slapping Festival" was our Skipper's description. There was also numerous breaches throughout the cruise, with approx 12 whales in total sighted during Tuesday afternoon's cruise. We we also mugged and got very close up looks at these amazing creatures!....Another incredible sight was a 2+ metre Hammerhead Shark who circled our boat.

This mornings cruise was another great cruise...The weather was gorgeous, sea conditions were calm and there were lots of whales about enjoying the beautiful day. We had a few breaches, lots of fin and tail slaps and some great close encounters with these amazing giants of the deep. There was also a playful pod of dolphins who swam beside us for a while entertaining us with their playful gesures.

We certainly have been having an AMAZING week so far....lets hope it continues for the rest of the week!! Along with this gorgeous Gold Coast weather.