” Whale of Adventure”

We have been having a " Whale of Adventure " on our cruises recently.
Every cruise we have been having action packed whale sightings!
At whales in paradise we really feel for the whales and want to help get the message out for everyone to stop and share some
" Whale Appreciation and Whale Awareness "
Especially if you live near the ocean, it is important to know more about the largest mammal in the world.
Here is some interesting facts about the humpback whale


The name humpback describes the motion it makes as it arches its back out of the water in preparation for a dive. 
Humpback whales grow to be about 16 m long, weighing 30-50 tonnes
The female humpback are slightly larger than males
Humpbacks have two blowholes
Humpback are acrobats in the ocean, breaching and slapping water
Humpback whales live at the surface of the ocean, both in the open ocean and shallow coastline waters
Humpbacks migrate from warm tropical waters where they breed and calve to arctic waters where they eat
When Humpbacks are migrating, they prefer shallow waters.
Just like us humans, the bond between mother and calves are ever lasting and strong

Happy Friday Everyone !

Two humpback whales tail slapping together