Another Whale Breaching

SONY DSCSONY DSCZach from 'Humpbacks and Highrises' came out whale watching on the Gold Coast with our cruise on Thursday the 29th of August and managed to get some awesome photos with of a humpback whale breaching continuously.  Thank you Zach for sharing these with us.  This can be a rare sight for those who don't do much whale watching so was a very special treat for our guests.

So these pictures are a great example of a humpback whale "breaching".  Breaching is when a whale pushes its body up out of the water and then flops back down into the water again.  Depending on the speed that the whale is travelling, it can show from about half of its body out of the water, up to its whole body out of the water.  If the whale shows less than half its body, then that is called a lunge.

So these pictures here are showing a full body breach from a humpback whale which takes quite a lot of energy out of them as well.  So when they do breach numerous times, it can tire them out which is why we don't see a humpback whale doing numerous breaches very often.

Humpback whales are also the most known breed of whale to do breaching and to be most active, the other type is the sperm whale.  That's what makes whale watching on the Gold Coast so exciting too, because we mainly see humpback whales.  To come out and see the whales in action, make sure you book early with our friendly reservations team on (07) 5538 2111.