Whale Awareness and Whale Appreciation!

It was a beautiful sunny day on our whale watching boat cruise. Everybody was very happy with the sightings! As soon as we got out to sea, five humpback whales were close to shore and they swam along side our boat. We saw the humpback's strong, tail slaps and breaches! Also we had a couple of dolphins swimming with our boat.

After experiencing our whale watching it helps raise people's awareness towards our whales. We hope every guest on our whale watching cruise, leave our boats with more awareness towards our amazing, unique, incredible whales and dolphins. Which this world is so lucky to have!  Humpbacks have no law protection, which is a scary thing, though with people's whale awareness and whale appreciation, at least it is a positive thought towards our sacred mammals. Please come, learn and see our whales as it will help you become more aware and caring towards the most incredible mammal in the world.



Do dolphins grieve?