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Wedding Cruises

Your wedding is one of the most special times in your entire life time. It is a day filled with romance, love, friends, family, and celebration. The venue in which you perform the ceremony has to be equally as special. One great option you have for getting married is aboard our beautiful charter boat.

What could be more special than exchanging vows as you float across crystal blue water and enjoy fresh crisp air? Australian waters make for a remarkably romantic scene for your marriage to take place. Bring your closest friends and family along to have a great wedding that you will be talking about for your entire life together.

The Facilities

As one of the leading vessels in the entire area, we take great pride in keeping our facilities in great condition. We also ensure that the entire vessel is kept extremely clean. Some of the notable features of our vessel are a full deck for your party to walk around on, onboard shower and two bathrooms. There is also both an upstairs and downstairs lounge area. Our spacious vessel is more than capable of accommodating your entire wedding and reception.

The Experience of A Lifetime

Your wedding party will be excited to participate in your wedding on our boat so you can expect the RSVP’s to start rolling in once you mention the wedding venue. A wedding on the water is often a once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone will cherish.

We Cater To You

One great benefit of our vessel is that is can support 70 people so you don’t have to leave people out of your wedding party. Our well trained staff will help ensure that the entire party goes according to your specifications without any hitches along the way.

Your wedding is your day and we cherish the opportunity to help in making it a special event for you and your friends.

The Reception

Our boat also makes for a great location for your wedding reception. Some of the most special portions of your wedding are the speeches and toast. You and your wedding party will be able to exchange thanks and express your happiness with our roaming microphone system.

You can also bring the party on the boat and celebrate the occasion properly. Make your way to the dance floor to party the night away. We can accommodate the entire reception party including the food and music.

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