We are Having a Whale of a time!!

Yes, We are having a "whale of a time" on our boat tours this week! Today was another magical day out on the open sea, sharing this ocean with our friendly humpback whales, makes everyone Happy!

So, I just want to thank these amazing creatures who are so humble and large, that without their presence, our days wouldn't be so full of happiness and love.

Seeing the whales swim through our oceans so close to the boat, you can see the barnacles on their bodies.  For me, it shows the humpback whales as old souls and i feel as though these whales have been on a massive journey for us to be experiencing them, right here, right now.  Today we saw the whales breaching and tail slapping as they swam along and even approached us on the boat with curiosity, such an amazing site!

Humpback whales are the most active whales we see. Though quite often we see Minke whales, which are usually smaller, more slender, but also graceful to watch.  All whales whether it be Sei, Blue, Minke and Humpback communicate to each other through their "whale song". This song is usually short, though it gets repeated for hours.  This "whale song'  is sung by the mature male whales, to make themselves aware to the female whales.

After another beautiful day and great whale and dolphin sightings, so it's been a happy friday and Im going into the weekend recommending for everyone to come join us:  We're having a "whale of a time" !



Whale playing on it's back, with tail out