VIDEO/PHOTOS: Whales in Paradise Gets Mugged!

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Whales in Paradise Gets Mugged!

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Whales in Paradise Gets Mugged!

The Gold Coast whale watching industry is experience one of the best months for whale watching in its recent history – our tours have been sighting countless pods, more than our crew have ever seen. The Humpbacks have also been so inquisitive that many of our fellow whale watching passengers are getting to experience these incredible creatures only metres from the boat, if that. So, if you've been contemplating going whale watching but are still on the fence, now is the time - just look at these beautiful photos taken late last week on our afternoon whale watch.


Whales 'spy hopping' against the Surfers Paradise skyline

Our Skipper Aaron Miller managed to capture some absolutely stunning footage of two beautiful Humpback whales as they ‘mugged’ and spy hopped next to the Mahi Mahi. When a whale ‘mugs’ the boat, it means they swim right up next to the vessel for a sticky beak. The great thing about our boat is that on the bottom level you really could be only a metre (sometimes less!) away from the beautiful Humpback whales if they do come close to the boat, and when the water is crystal clear, there’s no better, more authentic way to see the Humpbacks in their natural habitat on the Gold Coast.

Check out this pair of very inquisitive whales having a peak at the Mahi Mahi.

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"Humpback Whales are particularly friendly this time of year given it's peak mating season"

When we take the boat out on whale watching tours, we have to keep a certain distance away from these animals – as not to interfere with their natural migration path. However, our Skipper will often turn the engine off when we find whales – and if the Humpbacks get inquisitive and come close to the Mahi Mahi, then this perfectly fine. Being out on the calm waters of the Gold Coast with the engine turned off and nothing but the sound of the waves is very soothing, especially when you have these gentle giants poking their head out to say hello! It’s truly a moment you won’t forget in a hurry.


Seeing these gentle giants up close is an experience you'll never forget!

Our footage has been incredibly well received nationwide – The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Gold Coast Bulletin and many more publications have all been captivated by Aaron’s fantastic footage. And so was our crew! Our GoPro has captured some incredible photos and video this season, but this would have to be some of the best.

So if you’d like to join us on our whale watch while there are plenty of active whales to be seen, call us on +61 7 5538 2111 or book online here to secure your spot. We would love to have you on board!

- The Crew at Whales in Paradise