Valentines Day in Whale World Today!

It must have been Valentine's Day in Whale World today! We viewed 6 sweet pairs of Humpbacks making their way up North, while still finding time to entertain our enraptured passengers along the way!

     This morning was also the "smooooothest day of the season!" according to our stoked skipper, Gary.  It was an absolutely beautiful cruise out on our catamaran, Mahi Mahi today; calm waters, blue skies and 100% visibility.  The World Famous Gold Coast weather just keeps on pulling out the all the stops for us- we have had SUNSHINE & happiness for 48days in a row! 

     The enamoured Humpbacks also pulled out all the stops for us; pectoral slaps, tail slaps and breaching- you name it- we saw it!  We spotted one particularly active Male Humpback who seemed to be enjoying chasing all the ladies and showing off as much as he possibly could.  This charming, hyperactive male must have been a teenager!  

     The Male Humpbacks reach maturity at a slightly slower rate than the Females.  Female Humpbacks reach maturity at 5 years while the males Humpbacks reach maturity at 7 years old (that sounds about right, doesn't it ; - ) From then on, females can mate every one to three years.  This is partly due to the gestation period being twelve months long.  

    We are now mid-way through the Whale Watching Season on the Gold Coast.  That means every day we are treated to viewing whales migrating to the North while also spotting them travelling back down south! What a whale of an opportunity!

   To view all this incredible Whale action with your own eyes, book now!  We can't wait to have you join us out on the water.  See you soon!   

Photo Credit: Etsy Indigotwinweddings