Two Giant Humpbacks show off Amazing Penducle Throws & Fin Slaps!


Well, the Gold Coast treated us once again to a spectacular morning of Whale Watching.  Our awesome passengers at Whales in Paradise were thrilled to sight two GIANT HUMPBACKS pop up seemingly out of nowhere! The two cheeky, gentle giants then enjoyed showing off with fin slaps and even a penducle throw!

So, why is the whale throwing his pendulce around and- more to the point- what exactly is a penducle?

The penducle area is from the Dorsal fin to the tail- it is the area between the flukes (tail) and the main body. Penducle Throws are an extra special sight to see. In today's case, the talented Humpback lifted its fluke and peduncle vertically, flinging water in every direction.  It was quite the ballet move! 

The children onboard today were absolutely THRILLED to see these incredibly majestic creatures in real life for the first time. Are you planning on bringing your kids out Whale Watching with us? You should be- they LOVE it!

Get them extra excited by learning more about these incredible Humpbacks Humpbacks here before cruising with us! This awesome website for kids includes whale jigsaws, interesting facts and some beautiful video footage. And hey- its not just for the kids! We love it, too!

See you out there soon!


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