Triple Humpback Whale Breaches…

WOW!!! What a Incredible day today!

On our afternoon cruise , our lucky guests experienced humpback whales perform "Triple Breaching" !!! This is when three whales, are jumping out of the water , at the same time !!

To experience this, it is an absolutely mind blowing mammal encounter which inspires everybody...

It was rough out at sea today but that didn't stop the whales from their play! We also had lots of double breaching on our cruises, which was extremely lucky! As it is rare to see triple and double breaches on the same day. This explains just how active the whales are at the moment. It was also very lovely to see all the mothers with their calves being highly active.

This weekend we are expecting beautiful weather conditions and with all the hundreds of whales out there, everybody needs to take the opportunity to experience these once in a lifetime whale encounters, while we are blessed to have these fascinating whales migrating along the coast.