“There are so many whales I don’t even know where to look!”

     "There are so many whales I don't even know where to look!" remarked an elated passenger on our morning cruise today.  Others were convinced the whales were 'having a party' as there was so much action out on the water.  It was an incredible morning.

     Yes, the gentle giants of the ocean were out in force today.  They started breaching as soon as we got out there, making the most of the idyllic conditions; the sun was shining and seas were calm.  The breaches were phenomenal and once again we were treated to a double breach. Love that! The dolphins came out to join in on the fun- it's no wonder our fantastic passengers thought it was some kind of ocean party.  Our guaranteed rail-side viewing meant everyone on our cruise had a truly memorable day.

    We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. See you then!