The Mysterious Beaked Whale

One of the most mysterious of all whale species is the Beaked Whale. The unusual beauty is one of the most extreme divers of the whale family, which has contributed to the lack of knowledge on its behaviours. Furthermore, the Beaked Whale is thought to have a low population, adding to both its mysterious and the frustations in researching such an elusive creature.

The Beaked Whale is a medium sized whale, ranging from 4 to 13 metres. It differs from other toothed whales, as it only has one row of teeth. Individual species are often difficult to identify as the quirky looking gentle giant is only rarely sighted, before disappearing into the depths.

Beaked Whale

The mysterious Beaked Whale. Photo Credit: American Museum of Natural History Courtesy of Dr. Brandon Southall, NMFS/OPR

Beaked Whales live in a great variety of seas, ranging from the north and south poles to the equator. The oldest recorded males species of this cetacean was 84, the female was 54.

The American Museum of Natural History is currently running an exhibition, which sheds some light on the mysterious Beaked Whale. For more information and some fantastic videos, visit Whales: Giants of the Deep. Enjoy!