The Most Amazing Whale Activity The Gold Coast Has Ever Seen!

The Most Amazing Whale Activity The Gold Coast Has Ever Seen!

The Most Amazing Whale Activity The Gold Coast Has Ever Seen!

If active, playful whales are the kind you’d like to see on your whale watching experience, then the Gold Coast is the place to be right now.

The whale watching is always glorious on the Gold Coast, but the past few weeks have been phenomenal. Ask anyone lucky enough to have seen these amazing creatures the past few weeks, and they will tell you the whales have been incredibly active and inquisitive.

Our morning, midday and afternoon whale watching cruises have been ‘getting mugged’ regularly, with the Humpback whales getting up close and personal with the Mahi Mahi and our amazed passengers!


Our Skipper Aaron getting some amazing footage up close of the Humpbacks!

When the Humpback whales mug the boat and are only a few metres (if that!) away, it really makes ‘regular’ Humpback whale activity even more spectacular. You get the real perspective of how large the Humpbacks tail really is when they ‘tail slap’ their enormous tail into the water, and how long their pectoral fins are when they wave hello! And, of course, if you’re lucky enough to see a breaching Humpback whale dive out of the water right next to the boat – well, lets just say that's an experience you will never forget


The whales are so close, it's almost too easy to snap amazing photos like this!

We’ve also been seeing many ‘spy hops’, where the whales peek their heads out of the water to survey their surroundings, seeing what all the fuss is about. Our crew has managed to snap some amazing photos of this friendly behaviour.


The Mahi Mahi 'getting mugged'

The whales are so impressive at the moment even our seasoned crew are thrilled. We’ve also been blessed with near-perfect sailing conditions virtually every day the whales have been putting on a show – calm, flat waters for the majority of our tours, and sunny, clear blue skies that our beautiful city is famous for.

If you would like to witness these beautiful creatures in the clear waters of the Gold Coast, then book your spot and secure your seat on the whale watching trip of a lifetime.

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- The Crew at Whales in Paradise