Incredible Ways Marine Mammals use Sound

Check out this awesome Ted Talk on The Incredible Ways Marine Mammals Use Sounds by Peter Tyack of Woods Hole. Whale Song is endlessly fascinating and has captured the imagination of people all over the world. Listen to Tyack explain the hows and whys and marine mammals sound.

Peter Tyack Ted Talk Whale Song

Peter Tyack explains some of the mysteries of whale song.

In this discussion, Tyack mentions sites research from Australia, proving that whales learn different songs from other pods. He comments that researchers had recorded many songs from the East Coast whales back in 1995, only to notice that the following year the songs had started to change.

They then learnt that the new songs had been adopted from the songs of the West Coast whales- and during the following few years, the original East Coast songs disappeared altogether. Tyack jokes that the West Coast songs were clearly the cooler of the two.

Listen to what he has to say: