The First Week of Gold Coast Whale Watching on the Mahi Mahi

We’re over a week into our Gold Coast whale watching season and the conditions could not be more perfect. This winter has thus far blessed us with beautiful sunny weather (the perks of a Gold Coast 'winter') – mostly calm seas and light breezes have made for ideal sailing conditions.

As the season kicks off, sometimes the whales can have a bit of a sleepy start – which is where we employ the services of our ‘in air’ spotters. These spotters will radio to the Mahi Mahi as they spot the whales from high altitude, ensuring that our tours see the most active whales out on the day. At the beginning of the Gold Coast whale watching season we had our in-air spotters at the ready, but the past couple of days the whales have been easily visible and the boat crew have located them using only their sight.

Once we’ve come across the whales, our passengers have been treated to not only the majestic humpback whales breaching and tail slapping, but also many pods of mischievous dolphins who come along for the ride. The tours fortunate enough to see both will have noticed the dolphins playfully chasing the whales around the ocean, which means even more activity from the animals. Sometimes there seems like too much to look at! The Skipper’s and Deckhands on the Mahi Mahi have reported lots of breaching and mugging (where the whales become very inquisitive with the boat and hang around it – it's definitely the good kind of mugging). We even had a full body breach right next to the boat that was spectacular for everyone on board!

One little known fact about whales that helps our passengers spot them is that they will hold their breath for approximately the same time, before coming to the surface and 'breathing out' - aka the famous spurting of water that comes out of their blowhole. So, if you're looking at a whale and it dives down for 5 minutes before resurfacing, it's very likely to keep re-appearing every five minutes. That way you can set your timers and keep a lookout, just like our Skippers and Deckhands do! They're very consistent creatures.

Over the past few days we’ve frequently been finding pods of three Humpback whales travelling together – with 20,000 whales set to make the journey this whale-watching season, this number is definitely set to increase.

Hope to see you soon this season! We're setting sail everyday, three times a day so there's sure to be a spot to suit your schedule.

- The Crew at Whales in Paradise