Surfers Paradise- A Mecca for Humpback Whales!


Sadly those crazy swells out there have meant canceling our cruise today and tomorrow.  Our beautiful whales are just going to have to have some quiet time, planning their next amazing feats for us!

The good news is Humpbacks don't mind this weather at all- if anything they become more active in the feisty conditions! In fact, just this morning, one of our crew (a keen surfer who watches waves religiously!) spotted a pod of around three breaching Humpbacks from his 9th floor balcony!  They looked to be traveling North at a steady pace- he also said he cant be sure but he thinks one of them waved at him ; - ) Just another one of the pleasures of living in Surfers Paradise- a real Mecca for the gentle giants of the ocean.  

At Whales in Paradise, we depart right from the heart of Surfers Paradise!  Imagine having breakfast in the morning sun, keeping an eye out for a distant glimpse of a whale- then simply strolling down to our jetty and coming aboard Mahi Mahi! After a FREE cruise along the stunning Nerang waterways, as part of your whale watching tour, you would be out in the ocean and see the whales for real!

Those whales are waiting out there for us! Just two more sleeps and we are back in action.

See you then!

P.S We think our surfing/whale watching crew member should get a surfboard like the one pictured and become 'the whale whisperer'- What do you think? ; - )