Sublime Conditions & Humpbacks blowing Bubbles!

Wowee! Conditions this morning was 100% perfect! Pristine conditions, according to our thrilled Skipper, Gary, who added that 'the visibility was absolutely off the scale!'

We viewed one particularly entertaining pod of four who thrilled passengers with their incredible bubble blowing skills. They swam right under our boat and were blowing the most incredible bubbles from way down in the depths!
Did you know Humpbacks are the only whales known to blow bubble nets -- a circle of bubbles that traps schools of fish for easy capture. This magical hunting technique has been documented in humpbacks for decades and is called "bubble net fishing" The Humpbacks blow bubbles while swimming in circles around a school of fish. The ring of bubbles encircles the fish and the whales swim in smaller and smaller circles until the fish are confined to a tight area. The whales will then suddenly swim upwards through the bubble net, with their mouths open, taking thousands of fish in one gulp. See ya, fish! And don't worry- today they weren't hunting us, no bubble net- just having fun blowing bubbles down there!

We are constantly amazed at how creative our friends of the sea are! Our faithful ocean companions - dolphins - also have innovative hunting skills- check out our Facebook page for some fascinating info on how Dolphins use sea sponges as a hunting tool- the photo is adorable!

See you back out on the water tomorrow!