Stop Whale Entanglement


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Humpbacks & Highrises, an awesome not-for-profil organisation, has created a petition to STOP WHALING ENTANGLEMENT in our waters.  They already have 699 signatures but are aiming for 15,000- the number of Humpbacks which come to rest in our beautiful waters.  All you need to do is enter your name and email address and just like that you have made a significant contribution to the safety of whales in our waters.

Stop Whale Entanglement

Juvenille Humpback caught in a Sharknet at Kirra. Photo Courtesy of Channel 9 via

Whale Entanglement is caused by whales swimming into shark ets and ropes.  The nets were originally put in place to keep sharks our and swimmers safe.

However, an extremely detrimental side-affect of the scheme is the harm and even death of Humpbacks in our waters.  The whales swim into the nets, panic and become further entangled.  The whales only chance of survival is a large team of rescuers by boat, as well as first being noticed by a helicopter crew.  If a whale becomes entangled at night, his or her chances of survival are even lower.

Rescues can also be abandoned due to the danger created by both the entangled, distressed whales and other whales nearby.  Such a case occurred in Sydney recently.  According to the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS), two Humpbacks staying nearby an entangled whale began "showing erratic and defensive behaviour, making any rescue attempt too dangerous."  A severe storm worsened the situation and the rescue was called off.  This is a particularly harrowing example as it demonstrates not only the vulnerability of the giant creatures, but also their sense of compassion for others in the pod.

Stop Whale Entanglement

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For more information regarding Whale Entanglement and what you can do to help, please visit this site.


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