Still Whales Everywhere

Spy HoppingOur whale watching cruises have still been having awesome intimate encounters with the whales as they make their way home back to Antarctica with calves in tow.  The calves have usually been the most active, but we saw mum do a energetic breach so close to our boat that the waves from the breach rocked us more than usual.

We also had a pod of three whales yesterday who were so curious by our presence that they couldn't seem to get close enough and would gently nudge the boat.  You can feel such an amazing connection when they love to come this close to us as you can also see their eye watching you when they poke their head out of the water.  That is called 'spy hopping' and you can see a whale doing that from the picture that one of our guests took a couple of weeks ago.

If you haven't been out whale watching with us yet and are unsure of how long the whales are around, they keep passing through up until the first week in November so there are still whales everywhere and we love to share our experiences, as well as have our guests share theirs.  So feel free to post photos from our cruise on our Facebook fan page.