Splashin’ Smashin’ Play with the Humpback Whales Today!

Under our warm sun & blue sky here on the Gold Coast, everyday we have the pleasure to take our tourists out on the boat. Searching to discover the enormous Humpback Whales, playing and splashing around in our oceans. Today, on our Whale Watching cruise, we had jam packed action from the whales with their heads lunging, tail slapping and cheeky splashing! We even saw sea turtles amongst the whale activity, which shows the plentiful marine life we have on the coast.

All this sea life action was six miles from our shores, which converts to a 10km swim, if you were very keen to experience this! Or else, we can do the hard work for you and you can just come on one of our cruises for a relaxing, fun filled, unique experience.

The humpback whale’s curiosity with us on the boat is very obvious to our guests. It seems as though they want to come and see who’s on the boat and show us their skills. Seeing these gentle giants moving through the water is something we recommend everyone should experience, especially while we are having a very active Whale Watching season this year! Why not come and see the biggest mammal in the world?

Remember how lucky we are to have these amazing whales migrating through our coastline, here on the Gold Coast.