Southern Right Whale was the Icing on the Cake


     Our skipper, Gary, returned from this morning's cruise with a huge grin on his face, declaring: "It doesn't get any better than this!"

     We had a wonderful morning out on the boat; idyllic conditions, endless blue skies and whales abound- and the icing on the cake was sighting a rare Southern Right Whale.  

     Initially, we found two pods of Humpback whales who were welcoming us over with a friendly wave (also know as a pectoral slap). Did you know a whale's pectoral fins are ten times longer than your arm? Guess that would make a high-five a little bit tricky for us!  We cruised over to say hello and check the gorgeous creatures out.  After spending some quality time with these sociable fellows, they very elegantly signified they were going to move on with a goodbye tail slap. 

     Our heavenly cruise didn't end there- we were treated to a surprize viewing of a very rare Southern Right Whale playing in the water off Stradbroke Island. Southern Right's are so named because of their high oil yield and very silky baleen that made it the 'right' whale to hunt- which seems very 'wrong' to us.  It was heavily fished for 300 years and is still rare today, so it was a fantastic treat and very reassuring to have this distinguished guest in our waters.  The quiet fellow didn't show-off much, unlike the show pony Humpbacks.  Southern Rights are quiet by nature and rarely breach or expose much of their body to the surface.  Mr. Right simply took in his new surroundings and avid admirers before slowing swimming on.  A noble guest, if ever we have seen one!    

     I guess we were in the (southern) right place at the right time 🙂