Japanese Whaling Ship Accuses Sea Shepherd of Ramming their Vessel

After Sea Shepherd reported two of its vessels were rammed by Japanese Whaling Ship, Nisshin Maru, las tweek, the Japanese have claimed that it was the other way around. The Japanese whalers have today released video footage claiming that the Sea Shepherd's vessels, Bob Barker, intentionally rammed into them. Sea Shepherd have replied that it is only down to clever editing making it appear as if that was the case.

The ongoing dispute came to a head last Wednesday when Nisshin Marn, described as a 'floating slaughter'house' by Sea Shepperd, rammed into two of their vessesls. Earlier in the week, Sea Shepherd used its two vessels to prevent the Japanese Whalers from uploading a Humpback Whale onto their ship after having killed it.

For more information and to see video footage, please visit The AgeSea Shepherd Whaling Clash.