Sea Conditions Keep Getting Better!

What a change around in sea conditions over the last couple of days...those HUGE swells which kept us docked earlier in the week have well and truly gone now, leaving us with near perfect conditions on this mornings cruise.

Unfortunately the Whales seem to have followed suit. They could be seen from shore enjoying the rough conditions over the past few days but their demeanor was alot more subdued this morning. There was alot of Whales around this morning, they just weren't in a very energetic mood. The pods we encountered were just cruising along...It is still an amazing sight seeing these majestic giants of the deep in their natural environment! 

Lets hope after a restful morning they have energy to burn this afternoon and put on a good display for us.

The passengers were not disappointed as the other sea life put on a great show for them! There was a very playful pod of dolphins hanging around our boat, with the odd one jumping right out of the water. A curious sea turtle poped its head up to check us out and there was an array of flying fish during the cruise.