Rare All Black Humpback Loving the Rain!

     "The best thing one can do when it's raining is let it rain." -Henry Wadswoth Longfellow.

     Yes indeed- let it rain and come whale watching!  Despite the drizzle we had a fantastic more. As per usual the Humpbacks were out in full force, overwhelming us with their otherworldy charms! We viewed no less than SEVEN HUMPBACKS, each of which were making their mark on the Gold Coast with impressive HUGE TAIL SLAPS and friendly pectoral fin slaps (kind of like a whale's high five- we love it!)

     The cruise finished on an extremely high note with the sighting of a RARE ALL BLACK HUMPBACK.  These whales are common to the northern hemisphere so it was an absolute treat to catch sight of this tall, dark and handsome fellow.

    We can't wait to get back out there.  Have a lovely night everyone!