Overcast day but that sure didn’t keep the Whales away….

Overcast day! but that sure didn't keep the Whales away..

The usually sunny, warm blue waters on the Gold Coast never disappoint. Though tourists may have woken up this morning, un impressed with the rainy grey weather, but for our lucky guests on our Whale watching tour's today, they were surprisingly amazed from all our whale sightings and we can say, it was an "Overcast day, but that sure didn't keep the Whales away".  We had an unbelievable number of Whale sightings! Could you imagine seeing 30 Whales? Well, we did! Our lucky guests this morning, were honestly spoilt by all the sightings of the whales, obviously the guests were not spoilt by the weather but thankfully we saw an unforgettable 30 whales on our 3 & half hour morning whale watching tour, thats an amazing number of whale sightings and I think we can thank the overcast weather  for that!

903263996_zodew-mThe Amazing Humpback whales seemed to enjoy the unusual weather and they were extremely playful and happy in our oceans today. Showing us, up close and personal interactions with a whole family of Whales, defiantly making the tourists happy!  Seeing these enormous mammals breach right in front of our boat, tail slapping and petrol slapping, it takes your breathe away and keeps that warm happiness for the love of these mammals, truly alive .


For any one who has been on our Whale Watching tours, we are very lucky to experience these sightings of the biggest mammel on earth! Everyday we see these whales and it makes us feel very small and discover a inspired new passion towards these amazing creatures. Every time we take the boat out into the ocean we feel as though we are leaving our troubles on shore and swimming in tune with these relaxed mammals in there ocean of paradise or as our team say " the whales playground ".   On our tours you have to expect the unexpected as the friendly humpback whales help us feel welcome in their beautiful pacific ocean.


a-humpback-tail-noaas-sanctuaries-collection-photographer-tom-kieckheferAt Whales in Paradise we appreciate the humpback Whales and Dolphins, friendly nature towards us humans, we love the whales more and more each day and every boat tour they give us a new whale watching experience.  As you look towards the horizon you feel another world away with these beautiful mammals then as you look back onto our coastline of high rises and homes, you really don't want the Whale Watching tour to ever end, because after seeing the Whales up close and personal it helps you
connect with this unique and very large incredible mammals and it helps us understand the passion, us humans have for being out on the water with the whales.

I am happy on this wet rainy afternoon to be able to say, yer it was an "Overcast day, but that sure didn't keep the Whales away"  and  i know our guests on the boats today, would have had the happiest rainy day they have had in a long time !  So, remember on a rainy day, when you don't know what to do, why not come on our boat and let the whales entertain you.