Our boat was in amongst a pod of whales!!

Today we had beautiful conditions despite the overcast sky, it was very calm out at sea. We had a slow start this morning on our whale search, we went as far as 9 miles out to sea to be with the whales. Then we came upon an amazing whale experience!

Our boat was in the middle of a pod, of five huge humpbacks. The whales were breaching and tail slapping at both sides of the boat, we couldn't move because they surrounded us left right and centre. We got a 360% view, of the pod of whales. It was amazing to be amongst this and everybody was snap happy at every angle.

The whales performed some breaching and tail slapping and the guests had a lovely sighting of a mother with her calf. We also saw a group of flying fish and dolphins,which is always nice to see!

There are over 16 000 humpback whales migrating this season, from Antarctica. We have been having the humpback's calf come close to the boat, the mothers have been very friendly with their calves as they approach us.

The whales are heading north to the warm waters to breed, then the humpbacks migrate their way down south again. We have been seeing some whales already on their return journey back from north to south. It's awesome to be apart of this journey.

Come on board for some Whale awareness and Whale appreciation for this migrating season!!

Whale next to Boat