Our 2015 Whale Season Launches With a Splash

Whale season at Whales in Paradise has kicked off in spectacular fashion! At 7:30am, our first tour of keen whale watching customers (and very excited crew) in 2015 set sail in search of the beautiful humpbacks the Gold Coast is famous for.

After a relaxing cruise through the canals, the Mahi Mahi headed out to the ocean where conditions were idyllic. A light north breeze and calm waters set the scene for spotting, with the crew eagerly on the lookout for whales in each corner of the boat.

The search continued for a few minutes, but sure enough the first signs of whale activity were spotted by deckhand Trent – 2 miles from the vessel. Cruising over, the crew found 3 beautiful Humpback whales heading north, about 8 miles South-East of the seaway. Our customers were in for an absolute treat - Skipper Aaron described the spectacular show beautiful creatures put on as chock-full of “tail slaps, breaching and lunging”. The customers and crew whooped and clapped, and the whales responded wholeheartedly with more activity.

After putting on a show, the whales decided to play hide and sick - diving under the boat and disappearing for a few minutes. However, they weren't gone for long - the passengers began to hear the raspy rumble of the whales underneath, and before long they'd popped back out and continued to play in the water.

Our cruise was in for one more surprise as the Mahi Mahi started to head back to shore – a friendly dolphin popped up and coasted in front of the boat on the bow! All while the beautiful Humpbacks cruised alongside us. Quite a breathtaking experience to have the two animals chaperoning the Mahi Mahi on its return trip.

Today’s cruises were a real treat for both the Whales in Paradise crew and our fellow whale-watchers – and a perfect way to kick off our 2015 Gold Coast whale-watching season!

Our Gold Coast whale watching season has just begun, but tours tend to fill up quickly – so pick your date and book in advance! If you'd like to join us on our next whale-watching adventure, click here to book online or give our friendly staff a call on +61755382111