My Experience “Whale Watching”

My name is Majan, I work in the office for Whales In Paradise,  I was lucky enough to be able to go on a cruise and bring along my family. THANK YOU WHALES IN PARADISE!  Me and my family absolutely loved it! We had the most beautiful day together, it was such an amazing day out on the boat, we found it so relaxing cruising out to sea under the warm sun and calm seas, the boat has such comfortable seats and nice music playing you actually feel so relaxed and its like your out on a family's boat having a good time, looking out onto the stunning Gold Coast then when you see whales ! Its like " WOW " What a bonus!! You definitely feel lucky
We saw two humpback whales swimming with so much grace, seeing their barnacles up close, is awesome!! We saw a humpbacks full length tail slap, suddenly out of the water, Which gave us all a jump!
We also saw quite a few whales tail slapping throughout the cruise. From a distance we were seeing the whales blow holes, which helped us locate the humpbacks in the beginning.
We also had a group of dolphins swim around close to our boat, this was lovely to see as we could see them very clearly with the clear water.
Everyday we are learning more about the whales activity "As in the wild everyday is different" . Our crew on the boat give our guests great commentary about the humpback whales. I learnt even more facts about the humpback whales from our experienced skipper and crew, as they are giving commentary while we watch the whales.
I find being out at sea, cruising through the ocean into the Gold Coast riverways it is so beautiful, you find moments of peace amongst the marine life and ocean. One of my Mothers thoughts about being out at sea she told me on the cruise was  " These Whales have no enemies under the sea, only predators..."  So, you feel a sense of peace when you are out here, in the whales world, you really feel far away ".
Being a Gold Coast local, experiencing a cruise like this makes you appreciate where we live, When you are out at sea and you look back at the views of the stunning beaches, islands, buildings and mountains you really do feel grateful and proud of the beautiful Gold Coast. It was also a special day for me and my family, as we all came together and enjoyed good quality family time and thanks to the crew from Whales in Paradise, they are always happy to look after you, make you feel relaxed and they make sure they are giving you an unique experience in discovering the "Humpback Whales". I recommend this cruise to everyone, it was one of the best family outings ever!
Here is a photo of me and my family on the cruise
Majan taylor and her family on cruise